Heinolan Heinäsaari

Heinolan Heinäsaari – Heinolassa, kirkkaan Ruotsalaisen järven rannalla sijaitseva pieni saari tarjoaa matkailijoille ja paikallisille mukavia hetkiä upeissa vesistömaisemissa lähellä Heinolan keskustaa

Experience the Heinäsaari Resort - Joy is in our nature

There are six Finnish cottages for year-round use, 11 small traditional summer cabins, several RV and caravan pitches, and many tent places. In the main building there is a reception and a Cafe-Restaurant with variety of snacks and dishes available for Locals, resort Guests and those who arrive by boat.

Have you dreamt of experiencing Finnish traditional sauna? There is 4 Saunas´s located on the shore of the lake which Heinäsaari's Guest boat pier is located on the Kaivannonlahti side. The island has its own small beach, children's playground, beach volleyball court and mini golf course. You can rent various hobby equipment at the activity and service desk located next to the reception.

Welcome to experience the happiest country in the world and happiest island in Finland!

You are also welcome during winter! Heinäsaari Resort is open all year round. In the winter, the cottages and two saunas are available for rent on request, as well as some of the RV and caravan pitches.

And remember, we are a pet-friendly island. Good outdoor terrains start right in doorstep to Heinäsaari. One of Heinola's Disc golf Parks is located a few minutes' walk from the resort. Heinola Disc Golf Park World, which is also only 5minutes drive from the Heinäsaari Resort. Did you know that one of the tracks”Kippasuo Pro” is ranked #5th best of the World. Heinola center with shops and restaurants are only 1.5 km away, and this journey is also pleasant by walking along the coastline. Vierumäki Sports Institute is located just 15 minutes away by car and offers a wide range of different activities and exercise opportunities, also a golf course and several restaurants.

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Heinäsaari wants to be involved in implementing responsible actions 😊. Heinäsaari's responsibility activities are based on the goals of sustainable Travel Finland Program created by Visit Finland.

Get to know some of the measures that are implemented in Heinäsaari and are part of Heinäsaari's responsible travel plan.

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The entrepreneurs of Heinäsaari

The Heinäsaari campsite has a long tradition. There have been camping activities on the island for more than 60 years. Over the years, the area has been operated by the Itä-Häme tourism association, the city of Heinola and operators selected by the city. In 2021, the city of Heinola auctioned off the properties of the Heinäsaari campsite, and the current Heinäsaari trio won the auction and operations started on January 1, 2022.

heinolan heinäsaaren yrittäjät

Heinolan Heinäsaari Oy is a company founded by Päivi Naukkarinen, Elina Hynninen and Tuula Ihamäki.

The Heinäsaari ”trio” is made up of natives from Heinola, all of whom life took them to different parts of Finland after their teenage years. Elina returned to Heinola already in 2011, Päivi only at the end of 2021 after the business started, and Tuula continues to influence the capital region, mainly participating in the development of Heinäsaari's services, while Päivi and Elina are involved in the daily operational activities of Heinäsaari.

The goal of Heinäsaari is to create an interesting tourist destination, where cheerfulness and the "spirit of Heinäsaari" can be seen and felt in both the Guests and Staff. The Heinäsaari trio is actively working to make the island the most joyfull and happiest in Finland 😊

Welcome to Heinäsaari in Heinola,
Päivi & Elina & Tuula