Welcome to Heinäsaari, Heinola

Services for visitors

Heinola's Heinäsaari welcomes visitors and locals! Would a cup taste hot or even sparkling? Stop by for a drink or rent a sauna for your group. In summer, various activities can be booked according to availability. Come for a drink or how about a round of mini golf? For groups, we customize various leisure and meeting packages.

Services for locals:


In the main building of Heinäsaari, there is a café with selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, dishes and snacks.

Stop by for a cold or hot drink or take a friend with you and come and spend pleasant moments in the wonderful scenery!

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There are four different saunas in Heinäsaari. One of the saunas is warm in the mornings in the summer season for those staying in Heinäsaari.

At other times, saunas are rented for private use with hourly pricing.

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Services for boaters

Heinola's Heinäsaari as a stopover? On your way to Kimola canal or Päijänne, you can stop at Heinäsaari in Heinola. Heinäsaari also serves boaters.

When staying in a cottage, the boat is included in the accommodation price.

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In Heinola's Heinäsaari, you can spend idle and relaxing days enjoying the island's wonderful milieu, surrounded by nature and water.

Welcome to spend happy moments and a nice time on the island!

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