Food and beverages, sauna rental and activities

Boaters in Heinäsaari

Heinäsaari's Guest boat dock is still located on the Kaivannonlahti side for now. There are 10 mooring berths at the pier, which are suitable for smaller boats.

Welcome to stop by for refreshments or rent a sauna session! Note! The pier is locked. When you arrive at the pier, call p.+358 400 990 893 and we will open the gate.

Would you like to stay the night? Overnight at Heinäsaari pier €20/day. The berth includes electricity and use of campsite services (toilet, shower, and cooking facilities). When staying in a cottage, the boat fee is included in the accommodation price.

  • toilet and shower facilities, disabled toilet and shower in the main building
  • multifunctional space (cooking, washing, and dining area)
  • laundry station
  • private subscription sauna sessions from 30e/h
  • equipment rental service point
  • cafe and summer terrace

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